Advanced Polymers with Superior Properties Come From Russia

Jul 5th, 2017

Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects announced the creation of a polymer with unique properties. A new polymer is a thermal tolerant and high tensile material which was developed in the laboratory of advanced polymers in June 2017.

National chemists boast that their polymers have surpassed other foreign counterparts by such parameters as resistance and thermal stability. Withstanding temperatures up to 300 degrees Centigrade, national polymers do not degrade at 500 degrees Centigrade and resist extremely cold temperatures (below 100 degrees C). They are well-nigh non-combustible. The creators say that even if the material takes fire, it does not release toxic agents. This property is essentially required in the aircraft industry. Moreover, a new polymer is 40% lighter than aluminium and 70% lighter than steel. Machinery components made of these polymers do not need lubrication.

Russian technology of polymer production is 40% cheaper than its foreign methods. For additive processes polymers can be powdered that is convenient for 3D printing and compound materials impregnating.

Within 3 years the laboratory has developed two kinds of thermoplastic polymers which will be experimentally produced on the Nalchik facility in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Russia.  The fine production of these polymers is expected to launch next year and within a short period, the production will be extended.