Russia: Production and Circulation of Ethyl Alcohol Will Be Strictly Governed By the Law

Aug 21st, 2017

From July 2017, the ethyl alcohol manufactured in the Russian Federation (RF) is strictly regulated by law. On 29 Jul 2017, the Federal Law №278-FЗ was signed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The law amends the current act on state regulations of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic drinks and alcohol products production and turnover.   The current law also restricts the consumption of alcoholic products for the drinking and industrial purposes. Exactly the same changes apply to other enactments. Being approved by the Federation Council and adopted in State Duma, the law was offered to the president’s approval.

The law protects the health of the Russian citizens and works against illicit manufacture and turnover of ethanol, alcohol drinks and products that contain alcohol. First, the law delineates the powers of the Federal authorities and government entities of the RF subjects that control the manufacture of ethyl alcohol and alcohol-containing products. Besides, the law regulates the requirements for the railway transportation of ethanol and loose products with the ethanol content. The law stipulates requirements for the retail sales of alcoholic drinks, reasons for refusal to give special Federal stamps and conditions for suspension and revocation of licenses. It also monitors ethanol sales in the pharmaceutic sector and the manufacture of medicines that contain alcohol.

Henceforth, sole proprietors and legal entities which produce and sell (except retail sales) or buy and use ethanol and other alcohol-containing medicines are required to declare these drugs and maintain their records. The law also allows a public body to inspect equipment handling in the pharmaceutical production of ethanol.