Russian Construction Giant Technonicol Boosts Exports of Foamed Polystyrene to Europe

Aug 7th, 2017

Technonicol, a key Russian producer of reliable and functional construction materials, is ramping up its export supplies.  Annually exporting 70 thousand m3 of extruded foamed polystyrene (XPS), it intends to deliver up to 210 thousand m3 to foreign consumers, in particular to Western, Eastern and Northern Europe. According to the strategic plan of SBU “Polymeric Insulation”, the supplies of foamed polystyrene will reach this volume by 2019.

Technonicol has been producing XPS for five years at eight facilities that make it a leading foamed polystyrene producer in the RF and CIS. Moreover, Technonicol is among the leading global producers of polystyrene materials.   It will continue supplying the CIS region with this product and simultaneously increase the exports to Europe.

This decision is directly based on the concept of the construction life cycle that implies structural expenditures together with further operational costs. In this view, the application of extruded foamed polystyrene solves both of the tasks.  On the one hand, engineers can considerably reduce construction costs due to the high-cost competitiveness of this material. On the other hand, thanks to the high energy efficiency of XPS, further operational costs can be cut to the maximum.   It is also equally effective in high-rise and low-rise construction.

Extruded foamed polystyrene is widely used in rail and road engineering, tunnel and agricultural facilities.  Consumers have already appreciated the advantages of the following Technonicol XPS-based products: old-proof perimeter walks, plinth walls, façade and roofing systems.

Among other popular and successful solutions of Technonicol are complete XPS facades and foundations that save the engineers of the trouble of a scrupulous selection of the multiple characteristics materials.