Turkey: Petkim Expands To Produce Terepthalic Acid and Aromatic Hydrocarbons

May 16th, 2017

Turkish refiners are intended to launch a new facility which will produce purified terepthalic acid (PTA) and aromatic hydrocarbons at the petrochemical complex in İzmir located on the Aegean Sea.  This announcement has been made by the Petkim Holding representative on 1 May 2017.

Petkim complex consists of 14 plants that produce over 20 kinds of various products.  The company is a sole manufacturer of a number of materials including plastic packing, PVC, fabrics, and detergents.   The production capacity of the complex is over 3.5 million tonnes of products, the 25% of which is exported. By launching a new unit Petkim expects to increase the capacity by 66% which is 6 million tonnes of products per year.

The plant of aromatic hydrocarbons will mainly produce benzol and paraxylol which is applied in the manufacture of PTA – a basic material for plastic packaging and textile products. They will use 800 thousand tonnes of paraxylol to produce over 1.2 million tonnes of PTA. National manufacturers import 700 thousand tonnes of PTA per year and the demand for this material in the Turkish industrial sector is growing. The experts predict that the PTA import will soon overdraw 1 million tonnes. Thus, the construction of a new facility is the way out of the strict shortage of PTA on domestic market which further will increase Petkim’s market share.

Every project is estimated at about $ 1 billion; however, Petkim will announce the total cost of the projects after the feasibility study.  The company is not going to finance the entire projects expecting to receive the government financial support. In parallel Petkim is looking for the joint partnership with other stakeholders including Turkish state-owned companies.

First before, according to the step-by-step plan, Petkim plans to build aromatic hydrocarbon facility. However, concurrent construction is also possible. The phase-in launch of both units is expected to have been finished by 2022.